Illuminated Future for Automotive Light Bars Market Players: New Solutions Address Transforming Demands

There is a massive growth attained by the automotive sector backed by the continual developments witnessed across the industry. Automobiles are heading towards advanced and powerful systems that are based on a futuristic vision with the help of enhanced cameras and sensors, and high-end technology including machine learning and cloud computing. There are major efforts witnessed across the automotive components landscape towards delivering next-gen solutions that match the capabilities of modern cars.

The transmission of light is one of the key requisites to be considered for achieving greater driving safety, creating major opportunities for the companies operating in the automotive light bars market. Automotive light bar providers are focusing on developing new designs for light bars that are more advanced compared to the currently utilized LED lights, thereby pushing the capabilities to illuminate objects to a farther distance, whilst utilizing minimal power.

Personalization & Noise Reduction Possible with Novel Automotive Light Bars

As the automotive light bars market expands, there is rapid development of new automotive light bars that not only provides conventional offerings but also includes significant enhancements in terms of capabilities.

A new off-road lighting accessories manufacturer—AeroLidz recently extended its efforts to address the most common challenge faced by owners of automotive LED light bars. The company created, what is claimed to be aerodynamic light bar silencer that eradicates the wind drag and wind noise created by automotive LED light bars when moving at high speeds. The AeroLidzs’ transparent light bar covers are provided in smoked and clear, with a range of insert options that help improve the customers’ vehicle theme. Moreover, the company also provides the ability to custom print designs, thereby enabling customers to personalize their light bars.

Product Line Expansions Remain Crucial Growth Driving Factors

As the automotive industry is witnessing major transformations, the automotive light bars market players are concentrating on upgrading their product line to meet the changing needs.

For instance, a recognized manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty LED lighting— Optronics International, recently announced the launch of five new LED light bars with which the company increased its product line to eight. A 9-inch bar, two 3-inch cubes, a 52-inch bar with 20,000-lumen beam, and a 30-inch bar with supplemental turn functions are included in the new automotive light bars. Along with the launch of the new LED Light Bar, the company also upgraded its product merchandising. The entire LED Light Bar family is introduced in novel high-impact retail packaging and displays which would help the company is gaining a competitive edge owing to the attention garnered by its new products.

Innovative Automotive Light Bars Gain Adoption in Lighting Upgrades of Commercial Vehicles

As automakers consider the upgrade of existing lighting systems in their commercial vehicle offerings, innovative automotive light bars are gaining significance.  A number of innovations are being made to address these needs.

Larson Electronics LLC, a leading lighting solution providers recently introduced an LED work light kit which upgrades and replaces the lights currently in use on Massey Ferguson 5320 tractors. Consisting of six LED work lights, the light package provides operators with a versatile and powerful LED tractor lighting system upgrade. The light package includes four of Larson’s LED light bars which emit 2,975 lumens each while consuming mere 45 watts a piece and gleam white illumination of 6,000-6,500K.

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