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Research predicts more than 30% of the brand new car sales to be transformed into plug-in hybrids and zero emission by 2030. While the automotive sector is on the cusp of a transition, soaring vehicle emission targets are expected to pose the greatest impact on its growth. Leading automakers have created a major collaborative Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project, i.e. LCVTP, teaming up with their research partners. This project is supposed to revolutionize the entire way low-carbon automobiles are developed with an objective to slash down the carbon emission levels, and covers every kind of vehicle from hybrid to battery-powered. While LCVTP is most likely to add value to the carbon reduction technology innovation in the automotive sector, a recent analysis presented by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) indicates the critical necessity of adapting to the technological evolutions and stricter regulatory standards at the earliest. Read the most recent news stories for updates on the carbon reduction technologies!