Automotive Battery Management System Market: Growing Adoption in Electric Vehicle to Bolster Demand

As an automotive battery management system assists in maintaining optimum health of rechargeable automotive batteries, it is gaining immense significance among automakers. This system exercises control on the load environment, balances the battery charging, and monitors the state of the vehicle battery. Automakers are able to increase the lifespan of batteries while preventing damage to the battery from overcharging and voltage fluctuations, and provides real-time updates on the battery health.

As a result of the key features such as cell monitoring, cell balancing, protection and safety, temperature control, monitoring charging functionality, and data recording, the automotive battery management systems are gaining significant deployment in automobiles. This burgeoning adoption is likely to create major growth-attaining opportunities for the companies operating in the automotive battery management system market.

Safe and Reliable Driving in Electric Vehicles with Automotive Battery Management System

The rising awareness of carbon emission and the harmful impact on the environment has propelled the adoption of electric vehicles worldwide. This has created a major requirement for effective management of batteries in these vehicles. A recently published study details how the energy within a battery system can be properly managed in an attempt to ensure proper safety and performance of an electric vehicle battery.

A number of developments and innovations are centered at the electric vehicle range with an aim to improve the performance of the electric vehicle batteries. For instance, Texas Instruments recently introduced a precision analog output temperature sensor which can protect overheating of powertrain systems. The company announced the launch of completed tested reference designs for traction inverter and battery management systems and novel analog circuits having advanced protection and monitoring features to minimize the carbon dioxide emission and enable electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles to drive longer and farther. The company’s new automotive battery management system reference design is equipped with the advanced precision battery balancer and monitor and is accessible across six to 96-series cell supervision circuits.

Novel Automotive Battery Management Systems Redefine Capabilities

The companies operating in the automotive battery management system market are increasingly focusing on introducing new and effective solutions to address the increasing demand for efficient battery monitoring.

For instance, Idneo, an engineering services company specializing in the design and development of technology products, recently introduced a revolutionary battery management system for electric motorcycles and Light Electric Vehicles. The automotive battery management system is created by the company in collaboration with CITCEA-UPC Technological Center. It allows control through semiconductor elements, discharge peaks of 270 A that remain for 10 seconds and 300 A for approximately 3 seconds, and continuous discharge currents from the Battery Pack of 180 A during a 30-minute time-span. Such features make the automotive battery management system liable for use in all types of light electric vehicles, where there is a requirement of electrical safety regulations of maximum working voltage up to 60V. Furthermore, Idneo’s automotive battery management system is capable of communicating with the other components within the electric motorcycle including the battery charger, motor controller, or instrument cluster by CAN Bus protocol, which is also utilized by the battery management system for incorporating diagnostic functions compatible with ISO 9141-2 OBD protocol made mandatory in Europe for all new motorbikes, since 2017.

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