Conventional Motorcycles and Scooters: Still a Viable Business?

While the inclination towards electric-powered vehicles including electric bikes and electric scooters continues to grow, conventional motorcycles and scooters are not forgotten. Although companies are cited embracing the immense scope exhibited by electric variants of the motorcycles and scooters, the conventional variants remains an equally preferred choice among consumers. While motorcycle and scooter manufacturers are witnessed introducing new electric variants, they are continually innovating and bringing key developments in the conventional motorcycles and scooters in terms of performance and capabilities, thereby maintaining their importance in the market.

The ongoing industry trends including recreational sports such as riding and motorcycles races are continually increasing the demand for conventional motorcycles and scooters. Considering such requirements, the companies operating in the conventional motorcycles and scooters market are introducing conventional motorcycles and scooters with high-power and high-engine capacity.

Manufacturers Continue to Rely on Conventional Models

Although a large number of companies are centering their efforts towards introducing electric motorcycles and scooters, conventional models continue to remain their primary choice of the offering. Despite the threat of electric variants, the conventional motorcycles and scooters market is likely to maintain its progress as manufacturers come up with new offerings.

Backed by a successful sales history in India, back in the 90s, a bike company, Jawa Motorcycles has turned back to the market recently. Classic Legends Pvt Ltd bought the rights to the brands in India and recently announced the plans to re-launch a series of bikes. The launch would include three new bikes which would come with an engine having a capacity above 250cc. The company also revealed that a novel 300cc engine would also feature in at least one the bikes. Furthermore, the bikes are built in compliance with BS-VI vehicle emission norm. With this launch, the company would compete with Royal Enfield that dominates the segment of above 300cc engine variant in the Indian market.

Companies are strengthening their motorcycle segments which are further translating into great sales figures. For instance, TVS Motor Company launched the new Radeon in the commute motorcycle segment in 2018. The motorcycle is equipped with a 110cc engine, 10-liter fuel tank claimed to offer fuel efficiency of 69.3 kmpl, Synchronized Braking Technology (SBT) for better braking control, side stand indicator, pillion grab rail, and USB charging. With the extensive features and attributes, the product gained superior popularity, resulting in significant sales growth for the company which crossed one lakh sales milestone post the launch.

Strategic Partnerships Help Strengthen Market Foothold

A number of companies are witnessed implementing key strategies to reap the benefits associated with the healthy demand for conventional motorcycles and scooters. With the help of such collaborative efforts, companies emphasize on delivering extensive offerings to the market.

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. entered into a strategic partnership with a self-drive rental firm—Drivezy, with respect to which it would offer 3000 scooters to Drivezy’s platform in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The partnership would result in the company to gain traction in light of the significant future of shared mobility services.

Another significant partnership was witnessed between Bandit9 Motorcycles and Royal Enfield which is likely to bring disruptive transformations in the conventional motorcycles and scooters market. As a result of this collaboration, the new creation—‘arthur’ was created by Bandit9 Motorcycles by transforming the Royal Enfield’s Continental GT, giving it an all-new smooth design.

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