Electric Scooters Gain Immense Popularity: FMI Reveals Key Developments Witnessed Across the Market

The ‘electric vehicle’ trend is gaining peak significance among automakers on the backdrop of the continual emphasis given to environmental sustainability and needs to tackle carbon emission. Two-wheelers are gaining major popularity in light of the convenience and economic benefits associated with them. Owing to this, electric vehicle manufacturers are putting faith in electric two-wheelers such as electric bikes and electric scooters.

The increasing number of initiatives undertaken by the government including attractive schemes, incentives, and subsidies for consumers opting for hybrid and electric scooters are further propelling the adoption of these variants, thereby offering promising opportunities for providers.

New Launches Reflect the Promising Market Potential

With the promising prospects offered by the electric scooters market, various new product launches are observed. Companies are focusing on increasing the fleet of electric vehicles with the introduction of advanced and highly-efficient electric scooters.

  • A Taiwan-based motorcycle and scooter manufacturer, KYMCO is eyeing the electric scooters market with respect to which the company announced plans to produce electric scooters, a new standard of universal and swappable batteries, and a compatible network of battery swap stations.
  • An Indian motorcycle-maker, Bajaj has also unveiled plans to introduce electric scooters in India in the wake of the expanding trend of electric scooters. With this plan, the company focuses on delivering high-performance to its customers which is at par with current scooter models in the market.
  • Okinawa also introduced the i-Praise electric scooter that is essentially a Praise electric scooter designed with upmarket features and a lithium-ion battery. It is equipped with a detachable battery unit and 30-40% less charge time than the conventionally used lead-acid battery. Apart from this, the state-of-the-art features that make these electric scooters worth the buy include Geo-fencing, battery health tracking and vehicle status, GPS, and connectivity with mobile app­—‘Okinawa Eco’.
  • Avan Motors India also launched its Trend E, the novel smart electric scooter which is being added to its fleet of electric scooters—Xero Series. The lithium-ion battery-powered electric scooters are being gazed at for the amalgamation of aesthetics and technological skills.

Electric Scooter Rental Services Gain Momentum

With the global shift towards electrically-powered vehicles, various associated businesses are capturing pace. Rental services for electric scooters are amongst them. With the increasing adoption of electric scooters, companies are introducing electric scooter rental services and sharing facilities with an aim to gain profitability associated with the electric scooters.

  • Harley-Davidson, a leading automaker is likely to initiate its electric scooter rental services for the US. With this strategy, the company aims to enter the race of electric scooter rental services to compete with leading rental platforms such as Lime and Bird. The company is centered at offering better and premium consumer experience compared to the competitors that offer low-range, lightweight electric scooters.
  • While Harley-Davidson revealed its plan recently, the ride-hailing giant—Uber has already paved its way into the electric scooters rental service landscape. The company recently unveiled its new electric scooter rental service in Madrid, which is the first time it has been made available in a European city.
  • Garvit eBike is another name expanding in the electric scooter rental service business. The company has recently launched a new electric scooter rental service in Delhi, India. This launch is aimed at tackling the rising levels of air pollution in the city. Moreover, the company claimed that this electric scooter will be the most cost-effective mode of transport in Delhi over the coming years.

Key Growth in Charging Infrastructure to Impel Adoption

With the increasing popularity of electric scooters, notable developments are observed in the charging infrastructure. These developments are expected to boost the adoption of electric scooters amongst consumers.

A recognized manufacturer of electric scooters, Ather Energy recently launched its charging infrastructure—Athergrid for electric vehicles in Bengaluru, India. While the shipping of the company’s intelligent electric scooters is awaited, Ather has initiated the connected charging stations’ installation across the city that caters to both four- and two-wheelers.

Another set of charging stations was established in the City of Rockingham. These charging stations allow consumers to utilize alternative forms of transport for recharging batteries at a number of locations. Introduced as a part of the RECHARGE Scheme, the charging stations would enable electric scooter users to charge their mobility vehicles safely.

Apart from the significant new launches, there are various other developments that allow readers to know more about the electric scooters market. An in-depth Want to glance over the key market opportunities and significant developments? Click here.

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