Enhancements in Automotive Remote Diagnostics Closing the Loop on Vehicle Diagnostics

The popularity of automotive remote diagnostics among automakers and consumers is increasing predominantly on account of the value-added benefits of the technology which include identification of bottlenecks in advance, reduced maintenance and service downtime, and enabling efficient, on-point solutions. Owing to these advantages, the demand for automotive remote diagnostics solutions is likely to rise. Vehicle owners largely benefit from the automotive remote diagnostics solutions for recognizing the shortcomings and potential downtime and defects of vehicles, thereby minimizing the total time and cost spent during vehicle maintenance. The said factors are likely to create promising avenues for the key companies operating in the automotive remote diagnostics market.

Leading Providers Make Progress in Automotive Remote Diagnostics

While automobiles are becoming a crucial aspect of mobility, several advancements focused on improving the overall functionality and enhancing the way vehicles are maintained. Increasing need for solving sophisticated automotive problems has led to the development of next-generation automotive remote diagnostic solutions.

Against the backdrop of its seasoned experience in the automotive remote diagnostics space, Jifeline Networks have made headway with cutting-edge automotive remote diagnostics. The breakthrough solution enabled by the company is much more environment-friendly in case experts are required for solving sophisticated automotive issues. The remote diagnostics approach involves minimum physical relocation of vehicles and less traveling for experts, allowing them to perform thorough diagnostic analysis. The company’s next-gen technology has crossed the boundaries of conventional application and unveiled a novel remote diagnostic business model—peer-to-peer diagnostics. This peer-to-peer diagnostic enables a number of experienced mechanics worldwide with superior diagnostic skills to utilize their knowledge and skills for supporting other mechanics across the globe.

Another development was made by HERE Technologies. The company has expanded the capabilities of it’s HERE OTA Connect—a safe over-the-air system for updating IoT devices and connected vehicles that automatizes remote diagnostics, manages remote updates, reduces error fix time, and distributes firmware and software. The technology closes the loop by recovering diagnostic data from devices and vehicles, analyzing rapidly, and responding with automatic over-the-air updates with the help of real-time insights pertaining to locations.

Prominent Automotive Brands Reap Benefits from Remote Diagnosis of Vehicles  

Leading companies operating in the automotive space are embracing newer solutions to offer advanced capabilities to customers. Automotive manufacturers are not only focusing on making vehicles more efficient and reliable but also emphasizing on boosting data security.

Mercedes-Benz was involved in similar activities lately. In December 2018, the company, on customer request, provided access to vehicle fault codes to the independent third-party companies, aligning with the EU type-approval regulations. Daimler would provide access to these codes for the use case Remote Diagnostic Support (RDS) with which they can generate remote diagnosis for networked Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Electric vehicle manufacturers are also entering this race. The Research and Development Department of Solaris Bus & Coach SA recently created a new solution to support and streamline solutions, to facilitate analysis of specialist data attained from vehicles, and improve maintenance options. Equipping eSConnect—a remote diagnostic system in vehicles would enable the manufacturers to establish a real performance information database. The system would aid in remote monitoring of potential errors notified by the vehicle on the driver’s panel, the generation of statistics, and the monitoring of operational-system parameters.

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