Automobile & Automation: Reimagining the Future of Mobility Space

Ever-since automobiles have become the quintessence of both mobility and personal expression, automakers have taken the center stage. The increasing consumer purchasing power along with the continual objective of automakers to ‘do more’ with their offerings has resulted in a number of innovations in the automotive landscape. Furthermore, the marriage of automobiles with break-through technologies is changing the face of the automotive sector. Technological advances such as vehicle connectivity, interactive safety systems, and eventually self-driving cars are likely to mutate the automobile market space over the foreseeable future.

Artificial Intelligence Breathing Life into Vehicles

The growing adoption of automation technologies in modern vehicles is pushing the capabilities of vehicles, enabling consumers to utilize technology to the fullest. From high-end sensors to other automation tools, automobiles are becoming far more adaptive and responsive. Artificial intelligence is one such technology that has transformed the vehicles and raised the bar of performance.

For instance, Nvidia, a recognized technology company recently unveiled its plans to bring artificial intelligence-powered Level 2+ autonomous driving and smart cockpits to conventional cars in the year 2020 with the help of their Nvidia Drive Pilot.

Deep diving into safety inside cars, CabinSense by Eyesight Technologies makes use of artificial intelligence computer vision which monitors car drivers and is engineered to aid in preventing accidents occurred as a result of fatigued or distracted driving via a real-time alert to the driver.

Apart from driver and passenger safety, the aspect of a superior in-car experience is also witnessing a major push. Against the backdrop of this, products like in-car infotainment systems are gaining major adoption. Audioburst, a company that makes use of artificial intelligence to extract the best jiffs from talk radios and podcasts for creating a new listening experience for customers recently attained strategic funding from Hyundai Motor Company and Dentsu. The $10 million funding is centered at helping the company to expand into vehicles and in advertising to develop infotainment systems powered by artificial intelligence for cars.

Key Initiatives Lead Automakers towards Autonomous Mobility 

Automakers are exploring new ways of cashing in the halo of autonomous cars. From a number of investments to partnerships, companies continue to strengthen their grip on the autonomous vehicle landscape.

Hyundai Mobis’ Mobis Technical Center of India recently partnered with Tata Elxsi for creating a novel synthetic scene generator tool. This tool would help in enhancing the functioning of autonomous driving systems. The tool would further make it possible to recreate a number of traffic scenarios in the real world that vehicles are likely to face.

Aptiv P.L.C. is firming up its presence for its self-driving technology in one of the most lucrative autonomous vehicle markets—China. The company opened its Autonomous Mobility Center in China and aims to deploy test vehicles on the Chinese streets.

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