Modernization among Airline Fleets to Improve Demand for Aircraft Antennas

The rise of the popularity of air transport arising from speedy travel at affordable costs and vital need of antennas for navigation and communication purposes are expected to contribute positively to the growth of manufacturers in the global aircraft antennas market. The numerous uses in commercial, business, and military type aircrafts will provide a number of opportunities for manufacturers in the near future.

Aircraft antennas also play crucial roles in weather radar and satellite communication systems. With increased connectivity abilities, the electronic system for aircraft antennas are also growing at a rapid clip. Piloted aircrafts and UAVs also make use of a wide spectrum of radio frequencies in order to communicate with air traffic control stations and other aircrafts nearby enabling safer navigation.

Activity of Airlines Replacing Outdated Aircraft to Provide Sales Opportunities for Aircraft Antenna Manufacturers

Growing fleet sizes in airlines around the world are thought to generate great impetus behind the rise of the worldwide aircraft antenna demand. This trend is particularly true for the developing countries in Asia and Africa.

In addition to this, the trend of replacing old aircrafts with new ones arising from the need for improving efficiency of operations and boosting revenue of the airlines is also creating a high requirement for aircraft antennas. Growing concerns about the environment, changes in regulations and modernization will also generate a large requirement for aircraft antennas.

Moreover, the military is also expected to generate significant demand arising from the wide range of uses such as encrypted communication, accurate navigation, and the identification and interception of communications from foreign sources.

The need for aircraft antennas with improved communication abilities are seeing increased use which can be attributed to rising concerns over mistakes in communication between pilots, air traffic controllers, and nearby aircraft with life threatening results.

Improvements in Communication Technology to See Growth in Aircraft Antenna Industry

Newer antennas are capable of using multiple emergency frequencies, and also make use of protective materials such as direct lighting strips and anti-corrosion and abrasion treatment to enable better protection in rough conditions involving dust and sand.

Some aircraft antenna systems also have advanced weather reading abilities through the use of Doppler technology along with wide scans that helps users gain accurate analysis of storm conditions along with improvements in recognizing and negating shadow effects arising from nearby cell activity. New aircraft antenna systems can also make use of geosynchronous satellite networks in low earth orbits through varying frequencies.

Developments of new military and unmanned aircraft will create new opportunities for technology development in modern aircraft antennas, such as making use of RF and microwave Ka bands for electronically adjustable antennas for defense and commercial aircrafts.

These aircraft antennas do not need stabilization, are miniscule inn comparison to Ku band antennas that are commonly used by business jets, airliners, unmanned aerial vehicles and military aircraft. This will create opportunities for high data rates reduced latency in satellite communication, providing high speeds up to 2 gigabits per second.

The new technology allows users to track low-Earth-orbit satellites constantly where the analog phase variation allows continuous electronic control which allows tracking of multiple satellites at the same time.

Original equipment manufacturers of aircraft are putting continuous pressure on antenna manufacturers to create improved antenna technology, which is where most of the future revenue is expected to come from, especially with growing numbers of aircraft that require retrofitting with new aircraft antenna systems.

An examination of the global aircraft antennas market gives a complete report of the current and future situation of the aircraft antenna market. The full study on the aircraft antenna market makes actionable insights available to readers that are extracted from the latest changes of the market which are raising the number of installations of modern aircraft antennas worldwide.

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