New Technologies to Shape the Future of Motorcycle Shock Absorbers Development

Shock absorbers are essential components of motorcycle suspension, which is usually designed to lessen shock impacts. Motorcycle shock absorbers work normally through the use of fluid displacement during compression and expansion of the spring component. Modern motorcycles make use of suspension systems to achieve smooth, comfortable rides, despite holes or other imperfections on the road. It also enables the riders to optimize the machine to allow better control over motorcycles in operation.

Manufacturers Look to Customize Products to Meet Specific Needs of Varying Motorcycle Types

Mono type motorcycle shock absorbers, which were used only for sports bikes previously, are now witnessing greater demand even in standard commercial road bikes which can be attributed to to the various benefits that they give in comparison to traditional shock absorber systems such as improved handling, braking, centralization of mass, stability, and friction resulting in an enhanced motorcycling experience.

However, the widespread availability of substandard shock absorbers at low prices in the market is a large threat to the motorcycle shock absorbers manufacturers.  In addition, rising preference among motorcycle users to repair shock absorbers instead of replacing them owing to high costs of new shock absorbers is also anticipated to lessen sales.

Asia to See High Demand for Motorcycle Shock Absorbers Owing to Favorable Government Support and Public Demand

Asia, followed by parts of Latin America are expected to provide great growth opportunities to motorcycle shock absorbers manufacturers owing to high rates of production and sale of motorcycles in these regions, arising from the low maintenance and costs for the user. In addition, government projects such as China’s e-motorcycle public sharing scheme and India’s Make in India Policy is creating foreign direct investments, resulting in growth of the motorcycle shock absorbers market in these countries.

In a similar way, Eastern Europe is also anticipated to see good growth rates in the motorcycle shock absorbers arising from the demand for motorcycles as easy and cost effective methods of transport.

Enhanced Comfort and Fuel Efficiency is Major Focus in Newer Motorcycle Shock Absorber Technologies

New motorcycle shock absorber technologies can make it easy to modify rigidity based on the load and road surface condition, by using integrated rear suspension for motorcycles that enable approrpriate rigidity by making use of a constant-stiffness spring along with small mechanism that functions with a variable-stiffness spring.

Shock absorbers by Nitron make use of potholes, bump, and other road imperfections to create kinetic energy for the motorcycle. Modern dampers use this energy through an electromechanical system, which creates very little inertia. It uses an active control suspension system, to adapt to the driving style of the user. It completely removes the interdependence of the compression and rebound movement in comparison to traditional hydraulic dampers.

The new shock system optimizes the compression movement to be significantly soft without reducing the tight damping of the rebound movement. The system changes the kinetic energy in the compression and rebound processes into electricity. To achieve this, a specialized lever arm makes use of the energy arising from the motion of the wheels, further transmitting this force through a group of gears to an electric motor, which changes the power into electricity.

In addition to this, the new damper system comprises horizontally affixed electrically powered motors in the rear suspension which replace conventional telescopic shock absorbers, which enable the user to have extra room.

A study of the global motorcycle shock absorbers market provides a comprehensive report of the current and future of the motorcycle shock absorbers market. The full analysis on the motorcycle shock absorbers market makes usable insights available that are found in the latest developments of the market that are increasing the installation of modern motorcycle shock absorbers worldwide.

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