Changes in Axle Norms and Regulations to Drive HCV Axles Demand

A constant rise in the development and creation of commercial vehicles in the recent past, is considered to be one of the major influencing aspects behind the growth of the global HCV axles market. This can be attributed to the essential functions of axles in the process of suspension, bearing weight and power transmission functions within the heavy commercial vehicles.

Variety in Design and Housing to Assist in the Sustenance of HCV Axles Demand

Electrical vehicles are constantly gaining improved levels of importance in the automobile industry and as a result, the number of heavy commercial vehicles that operate on electricity are also seeing a rapid increase, with more than a million being sold in the last year alone. Manufacturers are focusing on the integration of the electrical energy power houses of HCVs to the axles directly with a result of improving the efficiency of power output generated in this manner.

Rough usage of HCV axles, such as use in rough terrain and great weight loads have been converted into the load designs of a dynamic nature that enable greater weight bearing abilities without a compromise on performance. Changes in the design of chassis has also pushed the HCV axles market into creating newer designs that are allow the handling of numerous different applications in the appropriate housing choices.

North America and Asia Hold Major Influence Over Production of HCV Axles

United States and China are have a large presence in the heavy commercial vehicle axles market in the matter of production resulting from the presence of many top manufacturers in these regions, and reduced costs of components.

The government of India is also planning to raise the permissible load capacity for heavy commercial vehicles that are already operational by 20-25%, and the same amount for new heavy vehicles that are yet to be registered, as well. Reports suggest that, the maximum axle load increase in capacity to carry freight would result in an equivalent of three years of rise in demand of freight.

Improvements for Enhanced Efficiency from Research to Result in Higher HCV Axles Sales

Single reduction tandem HCV axles that are used for heavy load applications such as differential lock applications, extra wide face-width gearing, and a Gross Axle Weight Rating will see the introduction of the range of MTEC6 axles for trailers, which makes use of a single piece axle tube design that has been optimized in terms of wall thickness, along with coating of platinum to boost durability, lower weight and stress.

New technology in the MTA™ trailer suspension creates improved standards in terms of ride quality, handling, enhanced tire life and longevity. Extensive efforts in analysis and modeling, along with new prototypes have resulted in improved structuring and creation process which has been validated in the laboratory, and also in real-world use. The resultant suspension system meets the requirements of a demanding market. The best models ranging up to 30,000 pound capacities to optimize weight with performance. A pinion design disregards the impact of the elasticity of the carrier housing casting design, differential cases along with bearings under load.

A study of the global HCV axle market provides a full report of the present and future of the train bogie market. The detailed analysis on the HCV axle market makes useful insights available that are taken from the latest developments of the market that are increasing the installation of modern HCV axles worldwide.

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