Light Weight Components to See Increased importance in Modern HCV Suspension Systems

Suspension systems have a number of applications in heavy commercial vehicles. It is primarily used for stabilizing large commercial vehicles such as trucks while moving on roads, highways, an also on rough terrain. In addition, HCV suspension systems also cushion the chassis from hard shock allowing greater comfort and control on the heavy commercial vehicle.

With numerous developments in design such as air suspension for improved strength, durability, and independent suspension mechanisms, and the growth in road transportation for trade across the globe, the demand for heavy commercial vehicles and the HCV suspension systems market is expected to rise rapidly in the years to come.

Improvements of Road Transport Infrastructure in Developing Nations to Increase Demand for HCV Suspension Systems

HCVs are seeing rising use for public transportation and construction infrastructure development. Resulting from this, the global requirement for appropriate suspension systems to be used in such vehicles, in local commuting practices, is thought to rise quickly. In order to fulfil these needs, HCV suspension system manufacturers are increasingly emphasizing on introducing new technologies to build improved suspension systems.

It can also be said that, the activity currently trending in the HCV suspension systems market is to effectively reduce the weight of these components and systems to improve on their performance properties.

To meet the requirements, many key manufactures are focused on using plastic parts to replace aluminum and steel components of the system. Moreover, rising rates of intercontinental trade coupled with urbanization anticipated to raise the use of freight transport, and consequently HCV suspension systems in a substantial way in the near future.

Rising HCV Production Levels in the BRICS Nations to Boost Demand in the HCV Suspension System Markets

The primary aspects behind the responsibility for propelling the demand of HCV suspension systems are the increasing vehicle production levels and a high requirement for these vehicles primarily in the BRICS countries along with increasing preference for improved ride control performance and rising concern towards greenhouse gas emissions and efficient fuel economy standards.

In addition, the rising adoption of HCVs for trade in the developing nations of Asia Pacific and MEA, has risen at a fast rate. This is also one of the reasons behind the anticipated increase in demand of HCV suspension systems in the future. Furthermore, manufacturers are emphasizing on adopting regenerative systems of suspensions in heavy commercial vehicles to enhance the efficiency of the system’s performance.

With the rising trend of urbanization worldwide, the demand for better the public transport systems has also seen a significant increase. Consequently, the need for improved suspension systems in public transport has also risen increased significantly in Europe and North America. This is expected to considerably boost the demand of HCV suspension systems in the near future.

Innovative Technology and Material Improvements to Drive Development of Future HCV Suspension Systems

Major HCV suspension system manufacturers are looking towards research to boost the performance of their products, without compromising on strength, and flexibility of function while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum.

For example the new FRIC system, which uses a hydraulic actuator to displace hydraulic fluid from one end of the vehicle to the other to maintain a continuous ride height and improved balance.

In addition, the need to dampen vibrations arising from the movement of the wheel and the spring coil is fulfilled by this system. The spinning flywheel absorbs rotational energy of the wheel, and in integration with the spring coils and dampers, enables control for the wheel’s oscillation.

An analysis of the global HCV suspension system market gives readers a detailed report of the present and future situations of the HCV suspension systems market. The in-depth study on the HCV suspension systems market makes actionable insights available that are found from the latest developments of the market that are raising the installation of HCV suspension systems worldwide.

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