World’s Largest Operators & EV Manufacturers Join Forces over Development of Seamless Roaming Networks

A strategic partnership was launched between the world’s largest operators and manufacturers of electric vehicles (EVs) charging networks, EVBox and Chargepoint. This partnership was to deliver roaming service between their North American and European electric vehicle (EV) charging networks. This agreement is expected to help in attaining seamless roaming networks without the use of multiple fees or accounts.

By early January 2019, electric vehicle drivers are expected to experience seamless roaming on the EVBox and Chargepoint networks while traveling across North America and Europe. This partnership helps in eliminating the requirement for registering multiple accounts as well as ensures that the drivers don’t experience additional fees when on roaming.

According to CEO and President of ChargePoint, Inc. Pasquale Romano, the company has been at the rolling point of revolution with regards to transportation and this partnership would underscore their commitment for offering charging solutions everywhere to the electric vehicle drivers. This, in turn, increases access to the broadly mete out charging solutions, which are vital to ushering in mobility.

Pasquale Romano further mentions that this agreement underscores the open network philosophy of ChargePoint, thereby highlighting the company’s aim to establish a global charging network. This step of the company is likely to influence more drivers for going electric as well as support the huge shift towards zero emissions mobility. ChargePoint, Inc, will be continuing to establish more strategic partnerships with EVBox as it would benefit them to lead towards an all-electric prospect on a global basis.

CEO of EVBox, Kristof Vereenooghe had been of the point of view that increasing number of electric vehicles across the globe will stimulate the need for global charging infrastructure, thereby driving the demand for the open standard network. Kristof further mentions that the historic agreement with Chargepoint would holistically help in easy charging and driving of electric vehicles with convenience. He also hopes that other mobile operators and providers be inspired and introduce such strategic agreements and partnerships that would be significantly beneficial for the electric vehicles market.

EVBox and ChargePoint have more than 100,000 charging points difference across the world. ChargePoint is mainly gaining significant traction in North America, whereas, EVBox is notably popular in Europe. However, both of them have been making significant strides in both the regional markets following the latest expansion announcements. This partnership has been made possible by means of the usage of OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) protocol, which has been adopted by both regions.

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