Bosch Forays into Car-sharing Business, Electric Van Sharing Will be the First Step

Bosch is a leading multinational engineering and electronics company that works towards providing solutions for improved quality of life, conserving the natural resources. The company is now set to enter the car-sharing business owing to the tremendous growth projected by this market.

According to Bosch, there are about two million car sharing users in Germany alone. This shines light over the evident scenario that states that North American and Western European markets account for a major share in the global car rental services market. With a rising trend of the car-sharing services, Bosch is now focused on leveraging the potential of this market.

Booming demand drives the global car rental services market

With the launch of their new sharing facility for electric vehicles such as vans, the company looks forward to contributing to sustainable public transportation. The significance gained by electric vehicles is known for all. Bosch along with REWE Group subsidiary toom would test the car-sharing service at stores to analyze the places where the demand for electric vans with a sufficient place to carry bulky and heavy purchases exists. Toom is amongst the leading providers of the German DIY sector with over 330 stores.

At the five predetermined stores, customers would be able to register electric vans on the spot directly and take paint pots and balcony plants home is quick and simpler manner with only a few clicks, from December 2018. Wolfgang Vogt, toom’s managing director for finance and personnel said that as company’s commitment to sustainability, Bosch is always avid to improve its environmental friendly contribution. He further added that they are pleased to offer customers an environment-friendly method of carrying purchased goods home.

As a rental service for electric scooters, Coup stated that Bosch is proficient in the business of sharing services. The coup has been expanding constantly since it has been launched in the year 2016, with presently a convoy of 3500 scooters in Madrid and Paris. One out of every 10 vehicles that are shared in Germany has an electric motor. Bosch has exclusively preferred for electrically powered vehicles in the Coup and van-sharing schemes.

The Chairman of the Divisional Board for Connected Mobility Solutions Unit at Bosch, Dr. Rainer Kallenbach stated that Bosch is expanding its business with digital services provided for mobility in urban areas. He further added that the sharing electric vans service has the large capacity for growth.

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