Importance of Mats in Rigs and Oilfields



The oil sector runs the world. Oil is utilized to power vehicles, cook food, as well as make plastic; it is a crucial item. Oil rigging has a status quo of being not only harmful to the climate as well as being a hazardous business to work in. However, rig matting can assist with evolving this.


Rig mat alludes to all access mat designs utilized for oil rigging. Rig mats are additionally alluded to as timber mats, access mats, mud mats, construction mats, oil field mats, crane mats, rubber mats, portable roadways, or heavy equipment mats. Access mats, when utilized in oil rigging, give a physical boundary amid oil equipment and the earth beneath it. Regardless of whether they are produced using plastic, wood, or a blend of the two, rig mats make a viable hindrance to ensure the ground on sensitive landscapes.


The rig mats are the lightest and the firmest heavy-duty mats accessible in the market. It could carry any heaviest hardware, rigs, and cranes. It can deal with nearly everything heavy. The rig mats have been tried in the toughest climates and rugged terrains. These mats are the choice of safe and stable platforms, quick access, as well as noteworthy savings in the setup, tear down, and mobilization.


In the oil & gas industry, rig mats are generally utilized for platforming on leases, temporary roads, facilities, and pipeline terminals. With electrical cables, rig matting is additionally a convenient device to have, to help with the infrastructure and production of powerful poles and standing lines. Construction along with other electrical enterprises makes incredible use out of these access mats, also.


Importance of Rig Matting


There are numerous ecological, monetary, and safety advantages and importance of rig matting when utilized in the oil sector.


  • Security is the very pinnacle of worry on an oil rig site, and rig mats give a protected and clean workplace for laborers. It additionally prompts reserve funds concerning worker’s compensation claims. Rig mats won’t just diminish slip and fall episodes, however, it additionally gives a cleaner working environment.
  • Rig mats can uphold even the heaviest of oil rigs and permit the chance to tear down and set up any rig rapidly with minimal impact on the worksite.
  • Ecologically, rig mats make an obstruction for whatever is beneath the worksite. It helps to limit carbon footprint by diminishing ground aggravation as well as forestalling weed or soil contamination. It likewise implies that they make a negligible surface disturbance. Regardless of whether the worksite is beneath water or earth, rig mats assist to avert small spills or harm to the soil underneath. Utilizing mats could likewise lessening remediation costs by not harming the environment in any case.
  • For the most part, rig mats diminish the extent required to spend on cleaning up, keeping the laborers more secure, the climate cleaner, and make an overall more secure workspace.
  • Rig mats not only helps to make solid, structural roadways over significant oil sources, gas lines, or other dangerous regions, it can do substantially more for any venture. Drilling rigs and tanks require the help of these mats, and they can function as helipads also for huge, intense projects.


The robustness of rig mats is generally to be ascertained by the thickness and weight of steel in the frame. The type of wood utilized in the construction of the mat also helps in deciding the mat’s durability. The steel frame rig mats are built of utilizing specialized features. These ensure the ease of consumption and the handiness of installation. Gusseted frame joints, side beam shackles, notched boards to assist it to fit effortlessly for offering a smooth working surface and close-fitting mat placements utilizing square end caps helps to produce a durable rig mat.


These rig mats will make a comparatively cost-effective oil field mat mixture when utilized with other accessible inexpensive options. For example, the use of steel frame rig mats for the construction mat base is likely to make use of oak mats to access the mud matting requirements.


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The durability of the rig mats makes the re-usable on multiple project sites in addition to offering an exceptionally stable platform to operate on keeping up safety & healthy standards for crews and equipments.


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