New Automotive Display Units Unveiled: Smooth Road Ahead for Automobiles

Technology has a major role to play in the rapid expansion of the automotive sector. While advanced automobile components and parts augment the capabilities of automobiles, revolutionary automotive display units backed by cutting-edge technology are elevating the performance standards of automobiles. Furthermore, with the introduction of next-gen vehicles such as electric and autonomous vehicles, the need for cutting edge technological solutions continues to rise.

Automobile manufacturers are continuously improving the ability of vehicles to meet the transforming consumer needs. As high-end automobiles are becoming consumers’ favorite, the demand for automotive display units is witnessing an uptick. These scenarios are likely to prove beneficial for the companies operating in the automotive display units market.

Companies Reap Benefits with Innovative Automotive Display Units

With the constant advancements in technology, automotive display units are gaining an overhaul with the incorporation of state-of-the-art technologies. Moving beyond the conventional abilities of automobiles, the revolutionary automotive display units help customers in achieving high-end in-vehicle experience.

  • Regular Side Mirrors are a Thing of the Past

Side view mirrors play a major role in efficient vehicle driving as the drivers are able to keep an eye on the approaching vehicles to avoid accidents and collisions. Considering the significance of this automotive component, companies offering automotive display units are bringing innovative digital side mirrors to the market.

Leading automaker, Toyota’s luxury vehicle division, Lexus recently introduced a digital side-view monitor which is claimed to be the first of its kind. With this digital side-view monitor, drivers gain an enhanced view of the right, left, and rear of the vehicle supported by the digital technology benefits. With this, the company became one of the leading automakers to incorporate such a system in a mass-produced automobile.

Apart from Toyota, Audi’s newly launched e-Tron model incorporated a digital rear-view system which the company made possible by working with Ficosa. Made of cameras and displays, the system provides an all-new driving experience which is far more efficient, safe and comfortable.

  • Digital License Plates Transform Vehicle Tracking

Novel products are being introduced with an aim to enhance the conventional abilities of automobiles. Digital license plates are amongst them. Reviver Auto was the company to come up with, what is claimed to be the world’s first digital license plate. This ultramodern digital license plate that changes its display is designed to transform the way vehicles are tracked. This digital license plate was tested on California roads in 2018.

  • Upgraded Windshields with New Automotive Head-up Displays

While technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and more are invigorating a number of application sectors, the automotive industry is no different. The incorporation of such technologies in next-gen automobiles helps the automakers in improving their customers’ driving experience. Leading automakers are focusing their investments around the deployment of such revolutionary systems in their vehicle offerings.

Hyundai, for instance, recently initiated its new navigation system that it claimed to be the first holographic augmented reality (AR) navigation system in the world. Engineered in collaboration with WayRay, a Swiss company, the technology is based on Hyundai’s previous in-house holographic engineering efforts and it debuted in the manufacturer’s Genesis G80 luxury sedan. Hyundai is not the only one pondering on the holographic system capabilities. Hyundai and Porsche, both have joined the investors’ group—WayRay, which could lead to better AR technology in automotive head-up displays.

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