Car Security System Market – Anti-theft Security Systems Gain Center Stage

Along with the increasing automobile sale, there are a number of car theft incidents recorded across leading nations. In an attempt to reduce the number of car thefts, car damage and others, the need for effective security systems are majorly witnessed across the automotive market. Car security systems are such solutions that boost the safety of cars and help reduce car thefts around the world. Automakers are emphasizing on providing state-of-the-art car security systems in modern cars to deliver a sense of security to their customers and help them while they make purchase decisions. Key car security systems include inclination sensors, glass break sensors, immobilizers, shock sensors, central locking systems, alarm systems, and others.

Continual advancements in technology and the emergence of ground-breaking technologies such as AI and smart technology are enabling car security system providers to boost the abilities of modern car security systems and ensure better protection from car theft. These factors are likely to prove profitable for the car security system market players.

Anti-theft Car Security Systems Gain Traction

As there is an increasing number of car thefts witnessed across the globe, the need for effective security continues to arise. Moreover, anti-theft car security systems are becoming a key requirement for automakers as it determines the performance of the cars. The need for effective anti-theft systems has triggered key innovations in the car security systems market.

PureGear recently announced the introduction of its PureCam Connected Car Security System 4G LTE Dual Lens Dash Cam that is equipped with cutting-edge technology and security attributes that aid in safeguarding end-users and their cars not only from theft but also crashes and mishaps. PureCam comes equipped with cloud recording, dual camera, and live streaming abilities that provide consumers with complete video security of vehicle and eyewitness recording. Moreover, the integration with PureCam app on the users’ phone, the car security system provides access from anywhere in case any theft is attempted. PureCam is also equipped with built-in GPS and G-Sensor which help in locating the vehicle and detecting incidents respectively.

Preventing Hacking in Self-driving Cars

As the automobile sector is transforming with the emergence of new and intelligent mobility alternatives such as autonomous and self-driving cars, car security systems are also likely to undergo significant improvements in an attempt to cater to the new vehicles.

SK Telecom, a leading telecommunications company announced the launch of its Quantum Gateway solution designed for preventing the hacking in self-driving cars. This solution is an integrated security system that is to be installed in cars and protect networks and electronic units in the vehicle. Moreover, the system is designed to alert the driver and any connected monitoring center of hacking.

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