Increasing Deployment in New Vehicles to Boost Sales of Air Suspension Systems

In the wake of continual technological developments, the air suspension systems are undergoing several transformations. Their ability to boost the capacity of vehicles for transporting loads by leveling suspension has been a crucial aspect of the overall functioning of automobiles, which is propelling the consumption of air suspension systems globally. The reduction in noise and vibration with the help of air suspension systems is further bolstering its popularity. Moreover, air suspension systems make use of air springs—rubber bellows filled with pressured air, in place of traditional leaf or coil springs, which allows passengers to experience a smoother ride and make necessary height adjustments.

Air Suspension Systems Gain Momentum with Increasing Fitment in Modern Vehicles

Air suspension systems are gaining major adoption as more number of vehicles are being added to the fleet. Automotive manufacturers are offering major contracts to the providers of air suspension systems for equipping their vehicles with cutting-edge air suspension technology.

For instance, the new Mercedes-Benz GLE is equipped with a number of significant innovations. The 48V active suspension system E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL, which is claimed to be the first-of-its-kind is one of them. The capabilities of the newly engineered AIRMATIC air suspension system with thee E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension enhance the overall performance of the vehicle.

A globally recognized supplier of air suspension systems and braking control systems, WABCO Holdings Inc. recently announced that it has entered into a decade long agreement for developing and supplying innovative air suspension technology for one of a renowned premium passenger car manufacturer in Europe. With respect to this agreement, the WABOC would engineer and deliver innovative air supply module and control software for operating a number of air suspension system configurations for the high-volume global premium passenger car platforms of one of the manufacturers.

Increasing Heavy-duty Applications to Trigger Innovations

The increasing fitment of air suspension systems in heavy-duty vehicles has stimulated key innovations in the air suspension systems market. Effective air suspension systems are being introduced in the market with a major focus on heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks.

For instance, Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems recently unveiled the Roadmaax heavy-duty rear air suspensions designed for the rescue and fire vehicles in North America. Roadmaax would serve as the novel air suspension for Rosenbauer’s revolutionary SA Viper aerial truck. Designed particularly, for heavy-duty fire and rescue market, Roadmaax is engineered with a focus on equipment protection and ride quality. This system offers low maintenance, predictable handling, premium ride quality, and unique suspension geometry that offers maximum control.

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