Fire Trucks Witness Demand as Fire Departments Mull over Advanced Fire Truck Replacements

The recent upsurge in demand for enhanced safety and security in the urban areas has largely boosted the need for effective firefighting apparatus. Thereby, fire departments of urban areas across the world have been opting for advanced fire trucks and firefighting equipment to increase their capabilities of handling accidents and emergencies.

Leading fire departments across the globe are aligning their capabilities with the increasing security and safety demands of economies. On the backdrop of this, the fire departments are upgrading their existing firefighting apparatus with new and improved fire trucks. For instance, the Colorado Springs Fire Department, as a part of upgrades to its firefighting apparatus, uncovered its revolutionary, high-end pumper trucks. Roseville Fire Department also announced plans to invest $1.5 million for two fire trucks. These fire trucks are expected to arrive in the year 2020.

Developed Regions Witness New Investments Centered at Adding New Fire Trucks

The global security concerns are becoming a major growth driving for the fire trucks market. From city fire departments to commercial sectors, there is a major demand for enhanced fire trucks. New investments are being made for the deployment of technologically advanced fire trucks that could improve the way the city fire department handles fire breakouts. Governing bodies are funding fire trucks for this purpose.

The Municipal Government officials of Baltimore recently assured the fire department an additional $1.2 million fire trucks in 2020. This decision was made after gaining a warning from the firefighters union about the out-of-service trucks in Northwest Baltimore that could negatively impact response time.

Another such example is of the Ceres city in California. After witnessing concerns pertaining to the aging equipment in service that increases reliability concerns and maintenance costs, the council announced to make $2.8 million in purchases of fire apparatus from Rosenbauer Fire Apparatus North America that would be rolled in Ceres in 2020.

The Lake Johanna Fire Department in Minnesota also purchased a fire truck from Rosenbauer recently, which is said to be all-the-more versatile.

Airport safety is also becoming a major demand generating avenue for the fire trucks market. Effective fire trucks are being used at airports to ensure high-level safety from emergencies. Fraport Greece placed an order for ten Scania P 490 6×6 fire trucks for their application at many of the airports operated by the organization across Greece.

Strategic Partnerships Driven by Growing Demand for Rescue Fire Trucks

The fire trucks market has witnessed major inclination of end users towards rescue fire trucks. The demand for rescue fire trucks is anticipated to grow majorly in airports for catering to the rising demand of terminal security. Apart from airports, the continual efforts taken with respect to the rescue operations holistically are further boosting the demand for rescue fire trucks.

A recent strategic partnership was observed between Acela Truck Company and Fire Line Equipment for the distribution of the formers extreme-duty, high water or flood rescue trucks. Moreover, the companies are partnering to offer advanced high water or flood rescue trucks and wildland fire trucks. This partnership would help Acela Truck Company to expand its distribution footprint and aid Fire Line Equipment’s extending product offerings.

Other than these factors, the fire trucks market is also expected to be influenced by the wave of electric vehicles. For instance, the Volvo Penta entered into a partnership with Rosenbauer owing to which the former would develop electric driveline in the first electric fire truck by Rosenbauer—the Concept Fire Truck.

The continually advancing technology is also one of the important factors to foster the fire trucks market significantly. Fire truck manufacturers are incorporating next-gen technologies to achieve automation in fighting fires and boosting the abilities of fire trucks in terms of its load capacity, durability, and reliability.

In addition, recent developments in urban infrastructures are driving regulatory bodies and administrations to impose stringent standards to control infrastructural damage and sudden losses. This has further increased the sale of fire trucks worldwide.

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