O&G Extraction-Related Accidents to Boost Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels Sales

Emergency response and rescue vessels play a seldom used, but extremely significant role in a variety of sectors such as oil & gas, defense, and marine sectors. Technical enhancements for improved maneuverability, and tools that make the vessels suitable for various emergency situations, thereby creating a better demand for emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRVs) in the near future.

Expansion of Offshore Gas and Oil Drilling to be Primary Source of Demand

Growing demand for emergency response and rescue vehicles in the constantly growing offshore gas and oil drilling sector is thought to be a major factor behind the growth of the emergency response and rescue vessels market in the upcoming years, owing to worries the effective rescue of the workforce working on these rigs.

The ship building sector especially for commercial purposes also provides a noticeable impetus on the rise of the emergency response and rescue vessels production. Apart from being used by the military, tourism on ships and cruises is also seeing increased interest in recent years, thereby generating larger requirement for emergency response and rescue vessels.

The ever increasing incidences of natural disasters including volcanoes and typhoons usually result in huge amounts of loss in property, money, and human life in the recent past is responsible for massive increase in the need for emergency response and rescue vessels for use by teams from disaster management bodies worldwide, creating lucrative growth for manufacturers.

Material and Technology Innovations to Witness High Importance

To ERRV manufacturers such as Ulstein Group ASA, Damen Shipyards Group, Robert Allan Ltd, Wartsila, and the Basaran Shipyard among others are putting increased focus on performance boosts through tech innovations, including electric power sources, and inventory management systems to fulfil the rigorous demands of modern age oil and gas rig rescue activity to generate business.

For example, the Balenciaga Shipyard revealed its latest range of emergency response and rescue vessels which make use of single hull designs, for faster rescues along with a design to hold different types of goods including fuel and fresh water. These rescue vessels also comprise electricity powered cranes that have a weight capacity of 2 tons, along with features like differential global positioning system, dynamic positioning system, and dispersal spray booms, and search lights.

Another fitting example for this would be the Ulstein Group ASA’s SX123 model range of emergency response and rescue vessels that can be used for multiple roles including rescue and pollution clean-up operations that can handle such activities even in conditions of rough seas.

On a similar line, Sentinel’s ERRV range comprises variants that can also be used in capacities of multiple roles with the help of advanced dynamic positioning systems, high performance oil skimmers, towing mechanisms, dispersant tanks, surveillance systems, along with hypothermia treatment systems.

Growing Marine Trade and Tourism to Boost the Need for ERRVs

Nations with long coastlines including Canada, and Russia expected to witness growth in demand for ERRVs owing to high activity in marine and offshore types during this period.

Rising amounts of resources put into the Asian countries including China and India in the oil and gas extraction sector of the Asia Pacific and need for for ERRVs for safety is expected to boost growth of demand in these countries in coming times. The massive ship building sector in these countries create a boost in production of emergency response and rescue vessels market here.

Stricter rules governing the operations and safety in the oil and gas operations, and the rapid rise in water vessels used for tourism activities in the U.S. and the European Union is expected to greatly contribute to the need for multiple role playing emergency response and rescue vessels market around the world.

The scrutiny of the worldwide emergency response and rescue vessel market provides a full report of the future and current market situations. The report on the emergency response and rescue vessels market enables useful insights to be available for readers of the report.

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