Waymo Launches Cameras for Self-Driving Taxis in Arizona

Waymo, a self-driving car program of Google, has been making provisions of enabling cameras in their autonomous minivans. This is because the company has been preparing to launch the first ever self-driving taxi service of the nation. A recent research report projects the self-driving vehicles market revenue to hit an astounding $2.3 trillion through 2030, with Waymo holding nearly 60% share.

Hundreds of self-driving Waymo vans function daily within an approximately 100-square-mile area. Currently, they do have a security driver upfront who holds the complete control. Laser-based lidar, radar, sensors and cameras enable on-board computers for witnessing everything at wide-ranging basis as it has been holistically developed by Google and is closely guarded by it as well.

The main motto behind this development is that the self-driving car program wishes to introduce the most reliable and experienced driver. 10 million miles of simulation and hundred thousand tests have been undertaken to approve the autonomous minivans. Tekedra Mawakana, chief external officer of Waymo is of the point of view that self-driving technology would holistically help in making the roads safer.

Increasing Number of Tests by Waymo Proves to be Significantly Beneficial, Attracting Large Population Base on Security Basis

Waymo has been testing the self-driving semis that are largely working on the public transit solutions as well as a means for licensing self-driving technology for big automakers. However, ride-hailing app is expected to be launched soon in Arizona. Waymo has been increasing the provisions for people, by providing them with more opportunities to ride in the company’s self-driving cars.

Development of self-driving cars is basically to free up the commuters, thereby reducing over 90% crashes that are caused by the human error. According to CBS NEWS, Waymo autonomous vehicles had been involved in the crashes, though usually minor with human error being the reason and not the machine.

Despite safety at the center stage, possibilities still prevail in the self-driving technology area and therefore, eliminating mistakes forever seems unassured. Apart from this, Waymo has been planning to entirely remove safety driver and is taking immense efforts in developing ride-hailing service app that is likely to be introduced in Arizona by 2019-end.

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