EDF Group Introduces a Strategic Plan for Rolling Out Electric Mobility Technologies in Europe


Paris-based EDF Group made an announcement regarding a comprehensive plan for rolling out innovative and new electric transport solutions across its four biggest markets (Belgium, Italy, UK and France) in Europe. The Climate Group’s EV100 has EDF Group as its member that brings together the businesses that are committed towards developing electric transport as the ‘new normal’ through 2030.

By introducing Plan Mobilité Electrique, EDF Group is regulating specific targets for developing electric mobility technologies in Belgium, Italy, UK and France. This is inclusive of setting up 75,000 charging points as well as offering customers with access of 250,000 interoperable terminals through 2022. This in turn coverts existing streetlights in charging points throughout Europe as well as explores second-life energy storage and battery use.

Initiative of EDF Group on Smart Charging to Mainly Benefit Passenger Cars

EDF Group has been stepping up its efforts on smart charging and electric vehicle batteries that play a significant role in managing electricity grids in times of highest demand. Passenger cars are expected to increase at a robust 9% CAGR in electric vehicle battery market in the forthcoming years, thereby benefitting EDF Group as well. The company is further targeting to operate nearly 4,000 smart charging points through 2020.

According to EDF Group, the new plan of electric transport opens new growth avenues for the energy companies across the globe. With plans to transition its fleet, towards electric vehicles by means of EV100, EDF Group has been raising bar as well as placing electric mobility at the apex of its holistic business strategy.

EDF Group will significantly contribute towards fighting against the global warming with the low-carbon energy mixture. The company further holds a supportive hand for residential customers, businesses and municipalities with development of the clean mobility across Europe. In addition, EDF Group has been developing an ecosystem of advanced players by establishing strategic collaborations for large-scale launch of best technologies for supporting their customers.

EDF Group will be developing new charging solutions benefitting all the customer that lack access to parking space, especially with the help of collaborative innovation introduced by the EDF R&D and EDF New Business.

Summary: The investment decision by EDF Group will benefit in growing market demand for the electric vehicles, thereby rapidly increasing access to the connected, electric and smart transport systems throughout Europe.

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