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Being one of the most dynamic and fastest thriving sectors around the world, the automobile industry deserves much of everyone’s attention. While the competitive scenario of the automotive sector is extremely difficult to comprehend in one breath, hundreds of events, small and big, continue to pose their individual impact on the world of automobiles – daily.

We’re a one-stop-news-hub for all automotive industry enthusiasts!

From newly launched car models to those in the pipeline, and from the recent technological innovations to those that have been disrupting the industry in the long run, we share every update that matters.

About futuristic vehicles?

We certainly cover each significant happening on the electric vehicles, self-driving/autonomous/driver-assisted vehicles space, and even the behind-the-scenes technologies that actually bring about carbon reduction.

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Editors & Authors

James Anderson – Editor

Having developed startups for the better part of the last decade, James now covers technology stories with a business slant. Email: james@automobileindustry24.com

Xavier Javi – Contributor

Once the head of a company, sold his business to spend time with family. Now mostly retired, he manages another small family business while keeping us current on what’s new in international business. Email: xavier@automobileindustry24.com

Amber Thompson – Contributor

Amber’s professional life has been mostly in hospitality, while studying international business in college. Of course, she now covers topics for us, mostly in the science and health fields. Email: amber@automobileindustry24.com

Lisa Matthew – Contributor

Conducting research in a laboratory can often feel isolated so Lisa prefers writing about science and technology instead. Now she contributes stories in these fields as a means to give that world new life. Email: lisa@automobileindustry24.com