Scrutinizing Factors Driving Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services Network Expansion

The increasing utilization of automobiles worldwide along with the growing age of vehicles has created a major demand for automotive repair and maintenance services. The continual wear and tear of automotive parts including shock absorbers, suspensions, engine, brake wheel end, driveline, and more such auto parts have created the need for timely automobile checks. Car owners are opting for automotive repair and maintenance that ensure better functioning of cars and those that help achieve performance efficiency in the long run.

Key factors likely to boost the automotive repair and maintenance services market include the continually developing technology and introduction of the new diagnostics and monitoring solutions such as the automotive remote diagnostics that aid in understanding the functionality and state of automotive components.

Automobile Manufacturers Pour into Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services Business

Against the backdrop of the growing adoption of automobiles, automakers are finding it crucial to extend their expertise in the automotive repair and maintenance services realm. Automakers are expanding their offerings to customers by providing effective aftersales services in an attempt to maintain long-term customer relationships. The doorstep service and repair trend are gradually taking shape across the automotive sector as automotive companies are emphasizing on elevating the repair and maintenance service standards with the help of doorstep convenience.

Hyundai, for instance, a South Korean automaker recently commence a doorstep service program for its customers. This program involves minor repairs, periodic services, car cleaning, and dry wash, all at customers’ convenience. This doorstep service would be offered by a fleet of more than 500 two-wheelers across nearly 475 locations and would also allow customers to book and pay for services online.

Apart from Hyundai, Tata Motors, a leading automotive manufacturer in India has also introduced an initiative of doorstep service with a focus on enhancing after-sales and service support. The program—Tata Care Mobile Service Van covers 42 locations in 38 cities, providing minor repair and convenient service for customers through trained mechanics and mobile service vans.

Hyundai and Tata Motors are not alone in the race. Companies such as Toyota and Maruti Suzuki have also extended doorstep service for customers.

Service Providers Expand their Capabilities in the Wake of Growing Demand

Automotive repair and maintenance services providers are recognizing the promising potential held by the market in the wake of which there are a number of business expansion scenarios witnessed across the market. Partnerships and collaborations are emerging as a foundation of these business expansions.

CarZ, a multi-brand automotive repair and maintenance services firm recently inaugurated its first Franchisee Owned Franchise Operated fully automated center in Andhra Pradesh, India with respect to its strategic franchise partnership with K S Enterprises. The company is expected to provide service expertise and provide training to the workforce on procurement of quality & innovative service products, quality service, customer care supports, and on-time delivery.

A leading automotive repair and maintenance services provider, Pitstop in collaboration with Hella, an automotive parts producer with an aim to launch a workshop network in India. These workshops would concentrate on providing customers with a cost-effective automotive service, as both the companies reflect striving plans of establishing 50 co-branded workshops in the country in 2019.

Noteworthy opportunities are spotted for the automotive repair and maintenance services market players. Readers can dig deeper into other crucial factors by accessing the key findings and insights pertaining to the automotive repair and maintenance services market.

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