Recent Advances in Automatic Tire Inflation Systems to Alleviate Improperly Inflated Tire Concerns

Improperly inflated tires are a common issue witnessed with automobiles. Usually, the pressure loss in automotive tires is occurred owing to natural permeation of gases through road conditions, elastic rubber, and seasonal changes in temperature. Furthermore, in most cases vehicle owners are unaware of the inflated vehicles, resulting in a loss of money owing to the increased tire wear and reduced fuel efficiency.

The automatic tire inflation system explicitly addresses the consumer demands for maintaining appropriate tire pressure conditions for increasing fuel economy, reducing tire wear, and boosting the overall vehicle safety. Owing to this, automakers are putting faith in an automatic tire inflation system. Ahead of this, companies operating in the automatic tire inflation systems market are taking constant efforts to bring innovations in the automatic tire inflation system market.

Novel Solutions Focus on Extending Tire Life & Enhance Fuel Efficiency

The said consumer demand for extended tire life, optimum uptime, improved fuel efficiency, and minimized service is garnering the attention of vehicle and automotive component owners. In light of this, companies are introducing innovative new and effective solutions that cater to these needs.

SAF-Holland, a leading commercial vehicle supplier, in continuation to its holistic trailer design strategy and the initiative of Smart Steel product, recently launched the SAF Tire Pilot Plus—an automatic tire inflation system which enables fleet managers to improve fuel efficiency, optimize uptime and extend tire life. According to the company, their automatic tire inflation system offers proper and consistent inflation to compensate for pressure loss. This automatic tire inflation system inflates tires and drains air from over-inflating tires in an attempt to maintain appropriate and equal pressure across all the wheels.

Cutting-Edge Automatic Tire Inflation System for Off-Road Vehicles

As consumers are exposed to various vehicle variants, automotive component manufacturers find the need to design tailored products. A similar pattern is cited across the automatic tire inflation system market.

Up Down Air Systems, LLC recognized for its four-way tire deflation and inflation systems designed for Raptors and Jeeps demonstrated its product—four-tire inflation system which was recently made available for the Jeep Wrangler JL. The company officials highlighted the significance of automatic tire inflation system for off-road vehicles stating that leaving tires aired down and rolling on roads could hamper the sidewalls and leave the tire prone to damage, particularly on highway speeds. With the use of an automatic tire inflation system, vehicle owners are able to tackle these issues.

Tesla, a leading automotive company has exhibited constant efforts to progress on future vehicles. As a part of these efforts, the company is bringing notable developments to its fleet of trucks with an aim to pave way for off-road abilities and pickup trucks. The company’s focus on bringing improvements in its Tesla Semi could be demonstrated in the recently published patent that sketches a picture of a system that allows vehicles to deflate or inflate their tires as required. The company’s automatic tire inflation system patent comprises a system that consists of a rotary air seal, valves, and bearing that help in negating contamination. The company believes that such a system would enable vehicle wheels to last longer, and the tires to require less maintenance.

Agricultural Tractors Benefit from New Automatic Tire Inflation System

Apart from the commercial trucks, utility vehicles, and off-road automobiles, companies are also focusing on providing automatic tire inflation system to agricultural vehicles and equipment.

AgriBrink, a Canada-based manufacturer recently launched an aftermarket automatic tire inflation system for agricultural tractors and equipment. This system aligns with the agricultural functions that demand rapid automatic tire inflation. The company believes that with the utilization of this system, customers would ultimately sight effective returns with the investment in an automatic inflation system that reduces the damage caused to fields.

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