Panasonic Unveiled Ground-Breaking Electric Vehicle Charging Service in India

A project in collaboration with leading electric mobility service providers—qQuick and Smart E

Given the increasing proliferation of electric vehicles, India continues to observe noteworthy developments in terms of widening electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With respect to this, Panasonic recently forayed into the electric vehicle charging landscape with the introduction of Nymbus—the first-of-its-kind smart electric vehicle charging service in India.

Nymbus is a revolutionary electric vehicle charging service that combines physical components including swap stations, charging stations, telematics systems, on board charges and virtual components such as analytics, cloud service, artificial intelligence, and intuitive dashboard to deliver a one-stop solution to customers. The unique technology platform—Nymbus is backed by the company’s comprehensive R&D efforts, designed and developed to address the growing mobility market in India.

Panasonic entered into a partnership with electric mobility service providers—qQuick and Smart E, as a part of the first phase. With this Panasonic would deploy electric vehicle charging service on 25 qQuick 2 wheelers and on 150 Smart E electric three-wheelers in the Delhi NCR region. This solution would help individual electric vehicle charging users, e-commerce and logistics firms, and electric fleet owners in managing their fleet with greater efficiency and extend support to the vehicle, battery, and equipment manufacturers, and utility providers for understanding the usage patterns and calibrate the products and services consequently.

Cutting-edge Capabilities to Aid Electric Vehicle Owners

Equipped with telematics sensors on vehicles, the service allows users to generate real-time information and reports from continual operations, thereby enabling them to utilize the fleet in an efficient manner. The systems are fabricated to learn and gain intelligence over time, owing to which they are positioned to assist fleet managers in managing and monitoring the entire fleet in tasks such as avoiding needless charge trips owing to lack of real-time and charging information, discovering the efficiency of distinct lithium-ion battery packs, vehicle data usage monitoring, and more. Moreover, the app and cloud service would allow fleet and electric vehicle owners in navigating and searching nearest charging points easily, thereby minimizing logistical challenges.

Officials Comment on the Launch

Panasonic India’s President and CEO—Manish Sharma stated that the company was able to take the lead in the development of this innovative electric charging solution owing to their continual efforts towards innovation backed with ideas. This launch marks Panasonic’s foray into the service domain in electric mobility and energy, enabling quicker adoption of electric vehicles in India, he added. Head of Energy Systems Division, Panasonic India, Atul Arya said the charging service was conceptualized and engineered domestically, particularly designed for two and three wheelers with an aim to expand further for other vehicles.

Smart E’s Co-founder and CEO—Goldie Srivastava commented that Panasonic’s technology-enabled charging solutions deployed for their electric vehicles would aid them in optimizing their charging infrastructure and also help attain operational efficiencies with the help of real-time data generation. He further stated that as a leading electric vehicle operator, Smart E anticipates having a continued association with Panasonic aligned with their common goals of developing sustainable mobility solutions for India.

The Founder of qQuick, Aishwarya Kacchal commented that the partnership with the Panasonic well-aligns with their aim to launch an integrated green mobility network across India, making the country a leader in green mobility. Customers would gain personal, affordable, accessible, and green mobility with the collaboration between Panasonic and qQuick. A global leader in electric vehicle solutions, Panasonic has established R&D capabilities and global expertise, owing to which qQuick expects to form a long-term relationship with it.

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