Continual Innovations Witnessed in the Car Battery Chargers Market; Ultra-fast Chargers Gain Popularity

With the rapid growth marked by the automobile industry, automakers are not just focusing on bringing high-end vehicles to the market but are also centering their efforts towards other crucial aspects related to the vehicles including car battery chargers. The increasing deployment of automobiles worldwide coupled with the utilization of rechargeable batteries is bolstering the demand for car battery chargers globally. In terms of its application, car battery chargers are extensively utilized by car owners compared to garage owners.

Available in both manual as well as automatic form, providers are witnessing major demand for automatic car battery chargers. With an increasing inclination of consumers towards automatic and portable car battery chargers, the companies operating in the car battery chargers market are working on offering car battery chargers that deliver the said functionalities. Among the numerous car battery charger solutions, the smart or intelligent and float car battery charger provides automatic charging which enables automatic shut off of the charging.

Delivering Ultra-Fast Electric Car Battery Charging

While automakers aim to lure consumers for using electric vehicles, addressing key pain points is becoming a priority for them, one of which is the long time consumed in charging electric vehicle batteries.

Automakers are involved in developing fast-charging solutions to promote the use of electric vehicles. For instance, Porsche and BMW recently revealed a prototype ultra-fast electric car charger that is capable of charging specially engineered research cars to 100 km worth of charge in just about 3 minutes, and to an 80% battery life in nearly 15 minutes.

Tesla, a leading name in electric vehicle space recently introduced a third-gen Supercharger that is developed with an aim to reduce the charging times for its electric vehicles as the company aims to gain a competitive edge over its competitors. Tesla’s V3 Supercharger supports a peak rate of close to 250 kilowatts on Model 3’s long-range version. According to the company, with this rate, the charger can add nearly 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes.

Portable Car Battery Chargers: Achieving Convenience in Charging

Consumers are witnessed to get majorly attracted to the aspect of convenience. Companies operating in the car battery chargers market are also playing around the convenience factor by rolling out portable car battery chargers that enable battery charging at consumer’s convenience.

Companies are looking for ways to reutilize the old batteries, especially in electric vehicles. Similar efforts were taken by Volkswagen. Along with its efforts to move towards vehicle electrification, the company has unveiled plans to deal with EV batteries. In its new endeavors, the company plans to reutilize old batteries to power portable charging vehicles. The German automaker revealed plans to commence the production of portable chargers that would be capable of making use of MEB (modular electric drive system) batteries.

Apart from Volkswagen, Nissan has also been re-utilizing battery packs from its Leaf EV as a power source.

Efficiency Remains Paramount

Companies aim to achieve high-level efficiency in the car battery charging with an aim to deliver better solutions to consumers. While car battery charging could be a tedious process, continual research and development activities are being conducted to achieve efficiency.

For instance, the North Carolina State University researchers have recently come up with an electric vehicle fast charger which is claimed to be ten times smaller in size compared to existing charging systems. Along with this, the new solution reduces 60% less power during the process of charging, all this without sacrificing the battery charging time. Furthermore, the team of researchers is building a new version that is capable of charging cars rapidly, while also being able to charge multiple vehicles at the same time.

More such aspects are discussed in the detailed evaluation of the car battery chargers market, wherein readers can access the key findings and exclusive insights pertaining to the market by clicking here.

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