Automotive Interior Ambient Lighting Systems to Enlighten Experiences in Modern Vehicles

Previously, automobiles were only considered as a means of mobility. However, with the increasing advancements in the field of technology, the incorporation of cutting-edge electronic gadgets, and the progress made in terms of the operations are enhancing the capabilities of modern cars. Consumers are increasingly inclining towards vehicles that can do more than providing mere mobility. This has shone a light on factors including automotive exteriors, interior elements, lighting solutions, and aspects boosting the overall aesthetic value of products. Automotive interior ambient lighting systems are amongst them.

As lighting solutions are considered as an effective element driving consumer attention in terms of appeal and appearance, the companies operating in the automotive interior ambient lighting systems market are attaining enormous profit-gaining opportunities. Automotive interior ambient lighting systems help in making the long journeys relaxing with the help of mood lighting, which is gaining tremendous significance amongst consumers demanding an improved passenger experience.

Know How LED Technology Enhances the Automotive Interior Ambient Lighting Systems

LEDs are likely to remain a key technology for automotive interior ambient lighting systems. The major significance of LED technology in automotive interior ambient lighting systems has resulted in the increasing development of LED automotive interior ambient lighting systems for future cars. LEDs have a longer service life and are energy efficient. Although they come in compact sizes, LEDs produce exceptional luminescence. Owing to these aspects, a number of research and development activities are undertaken to boost the prospects of the LED technology in the automotive interior lighting systems market.

Presently, a larger number of OEMs consider LED technology for providing static ambient lighting. This scenario is also likely to influence the dynamic ambient lighting in cars, against the backdrop of the continual evolution of the LED technology. Osram, for instance, is raising the bar of possibilities for automotive interior lighting systems. In an attempt to provide next-gen functions to vehicles, the company introduced a lighting solution equipped with a serial control driving by Inova. Controlled by a serial bus system, this lighting solution provides easy implementation of uniform color rendering throughout the complete color space and dynamics color lighting.

New Automotive Interior Ambient Lighting Systems Illuminate Future Vehicles

As the automotive sector is continually embracing emerging developments such as autonomous driving and others, novel automotive interior ambient lighting systems are centered at the serving these segments.

  • For instance, Hella, a lighting and electronics firm entered into strategic cooperation with a France-based technology supplier—Faurecia to work in the field of automotive interior lighting. The companies are emphasizing on dynamic lighting designs and surface solutions equipped with lighting elements. These could enable widespread personalization of the automotive interiors. As a result of this cooperation, Faurecia would bring its system integrator expertise for automotive interiors while Hella would provide interior lighting products. The companies believe that the emergence of automotive driving would lead to a significant redesigning of automotive interiors.
  • Another collaboration was witnessed between a leading automotive electronics provider in China— HiRain Technologies and Grupo Antolin, a leading vehicle interiors manufacturer. The partnership aimed at providing automakers with innovative lighting solutions for vehicle interiors and exteriors with the help of cutting-edge technology and a high degree of electronics, with a preliminary focus on local OEMs. The two companies have already begun collaboration on a new interior lighting feature demanded by end-users that are to be brought to the Chinese market in 2019 and some other advanced dynamic ambient lighting projects
  • New solutions are also centered on improving the lighting of futuristic cars. DOMINANT, an automotive LED supplier, recently launched a new package family—seddLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver LED) that combines LED Driver, RGB LED, and advanced communication link incorporated into a single package. The seddLED3.0 offers greater designing liberty for simulating distinct atmospheres in automotive cabins, as the globe approaches towards the age of self-driving cars.

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