Revealing Cutting-Edge Automotive Microcontrollers Supporting Next-Gen Vehicle Architectures

With the constantly transforming automotive sector and the continual introduction of next-gen and technologically advanced vehicles, the demand for enhanced connectivity and flexibility has risen. Automakers are not only concentrating on the performance of vehicles but also improving the overall functionality and capability of modern automotive systems. In the wake of this, automotive microcontrollers are gaining major significance owing to their vital contribution to the functioning of vehicles.

The increasing performance-efficiency of modern vehicles has created a positive demand for automotive microcontrollers. As the next-gen vehicles are here-to-stay, growing demand for highly effective and responsive automotive microcontroller technologies is picking pace and this demand is not likely to come down anytime soon. The growing complexity of automotive system requirements is creating the demand for more enhanced and capable automotive microcontrollers. As a result of the rapid expansion of the automotive sector, novel offerings are making their way into the automotive microcontrollers market.

  1. Secure and Real-time Automotive Microcontrollers

STMicroelectronics recently unveiled the new Stellar automotive microcontroller family. These automotive microcontrollers support next-gen vehicle architecture that depends on broad domain controllers for spaces such as chassis, drivetrain, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The state-of-the-art automotive microcontrollers meet the industry-demands with its safety-qualification and further improves functional reliability with its hypervisor for software separation and memory protection. Moreover, the family of automotive microcontrollers is designed for maximizing data throughput.

  1. New Offerings with Functionality Improvements

Renesas Electronics Corporation a recently announced the development and operation verification of an automotive test chip as a technology foundation towards the recognition of cutting-edge automotive flash microcontrollers equipped with 28 nm low power process. Equipped with improved networking functionality, virtualization-assisted functions, and enhanced built-in self-test functionality, the microcontrollers are truly designed for achieving futuristic capabilities.

  1. Customized Microcontrollers Support High-Performance Computing

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and indie Semiconductor recently revealed a new generation of customized microcontrollers. These customized automotive microcontrollers are developed to uphold high-performance computing for automotive architectures. Such solutions are designed to meet consumer demand for solutions that perform complex processing regarding automotive functions.

  1. New Microcontroller Solutions for Safety-Critical Applications

A recent collaboration between Xilinx Inc., Infineon Technologies AG, and Xylon, d.o.o. was aimed at providing more flexibility in the way of using safety microcontrollers in industrial and automotive applications. As a result of their joint efforts, they introduced a new Xylon IP core— logiHSSL which enables rapid communication between Xilinx’ SoC, MPSoC and FPGA devices and Infineon’s AURIX™ TC2xx and TC3xx microcontrollers through the Infineon High Speed Serial Link (HSSL). The AURIX microcontrollers are recognized for their safety-critical applications such as in advanced driver assistance and automated driving. Furthermore, Infineon team is working towards creating new options for their customers in emerging applications that are safety-critical and performance-hungry

  1. Tapping Microcontrollers for the Driverless Car Industry

A Netherlands-based company, Eindhoven recently announced a novel microcontroller for managing the automotive system responsible for steering, accelerating, and braking vehicles safely. The hardware can focus on commands from the driver’s turning of the steering wheel, and push on the brake pedal to the vehicle’s central computer.

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