Holistic Outlook: Novel Products and Materials to Drive Car Flooring Adoption

Automotive flooring market is anticipated to witness notable growth during the forecast period owing to shifting customer inclination towards advanced automobile aesthetics and passenger luxury. Increasing demand for insulating mats and related products for the purpose of aesthetics, ease and rug protection in passenger vehicles can lead to significant production growth in the automotive flooring market in the forthcoming years. Growth in technological advancements in flooring systems for SUVs (sports utility vehicles) and off-roaders for improving comfort and safety, ride-quality as well as vehicle sturdiness is expected to boost demand supply in automotive flooring market.

Nylon, Polyurethane & Polypropylene Material to Upsurge Revenue Sales in Automotive Flooring Market

Nylon material is expected to gain maximum customer attention as the automotive flooring product provides high impact as well as heat resistance. In addition, optical clarity and greater strength-to-weight ratios would be significantly propelling automotive flooring industry growth. Moreover, nylon fiber is likely to gain traction in the automotive flooring market in the near future as the material holds substantial strength, lower cost, and flexibility along with light-weight properties.

Polyurethane materials are expected to witness substantial growth in the automotive flooring market with surging usage of PU for insulating carpets manufacturing purposes. Moreover, PU foam is also expected to gain surging demand in the automotive flooring market owing to increasing usage for sound deadeners in the commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars.

Polypropylene materials is likely to hold maximum share in the automotive flooring market with significant usage as thermoplastic owing to its thermal stability, low density, chemical stability and light-weight properties. Furthermore, PP has been widely utilized in the automotive flooring market for the purpose of friction and noise insulators, gas tanks, bumpers and carpet fibers. Polypropylene materials are highly beneficial for manufacturing of exterior and interior components such as seat fabrics, coatings, fabrics and films, which in turn positively impacts on the revenue sales in automotive flooring market. The exclusive material properties in comparison to nylon and rubber together with associated low costs is anticipated to drive polypropylene materials demand in automotive flooring industry.

Carpets & Mats to Take a Toll in Automotive Flooring Market

Rubber mats provides better absorption, vibration and insulation along with oil resistance in automobiles due to increased consistency and high-density of rubber, which in turn drives the demand of rubber at a substantial pace in automotive flooring market. Increasing number of vehicle production results in substantial impact on the overall demand supply of carpets and mats across the automotive flooring market. Carpets are broadly utilized in automotive flooring owing to its properties in preventing structure-borne heat, frictions and noises, which in turn helps in magnificent and comfortable car-ride. Noise absorption especially from the internal factors, such as vibrations and engine sounds notably helps in improving overall ride quality.

Automotive industry has been in the state of flux with rapid swings in the gas prices and political and environmental pressures. These factors have been challenging the automotive industry for balancing between the lightweight electric vehicles and has guzzling SUVs, which in turn substantially impacts the growth of automotive flooring market. Shared ownership business vehicles along with ride-sharing are gaining significant momentum in the automotive industry.

Leaps in technology had placed autonomous vehicles on-road, which in turn changes the way customers view their cars, thereby driving need for innovation in automotive flooring. Manufacturers in automotive industry have been taking immense efforts in facing age-old challenges with regards to minimizing the production costs. For instance, Stratasys’ VP Manufacturing Solutions, Scott Sevcik takes up 3D printing as a definition of the disruptive technology, thereby posing as a new reality for the automotive industry, which in turn would be highly beneficial for the automotive flooring market as well.

 Current analysis on global automotive flooring market offers extensive evaluation with regards to on-going as well as lucrative market scenario of automotive flooring. The holistic study on automotive flooring market showcases wide-ranging insights, which supports in demonstrating the present market developments fuelling the increasing adoption of automotive flooring products.

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