Novel Innovations to Lead Car Door Latch Manufacturers toward a Promising Future

Developing economies have been spotted holding promising growth opportunities for car door latch manufacturers

A car door latch system not just protects the car, but takes care of the overall safety of the driver and passengers, ensuring timely locking and unlocking of the car door and other components including trunk storage, fuel caps, and engine compartment. With widespread advancements in the automotive industry, the car door latch systems too, have undergone changes—from being manual to now electric and every component centrally controlled. Growing demand for autonomous driving has changed the car door latch landscape, calling for smart ways to unlock the car.

Coming Soon: A keyless, Intelligent Future for the Car Door Latch Market

As per a document released by Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)—whose members include Apple and Samsung, key players in the automotive and tech industries are likely to explore the idea of leveraging smart phones turned into digital keys to lock and unlock cars along with starting its engine. Stakeholders in the car door latch market are looking to leverage the Bluetooth and NFC technologies to develop scalable solutions, while addressing the concern of convenience, reliability, and security.

Increasing digitalization and automation coupled with sustainability policies will drive OEMs to equip their cars with upgraded connectivity services advanced electronic features, further stimulating the adoption of advanced car door latch systems. Kiekert, a leading designer and manufacturer of automotive locking systems announced its ‘automotive door’ concept, eliminating the need for door handles. Using the smart car door latch, a door can be unlocked with a fingertip or smartphone, further cutting down on the vehicular weight by removing conventional car door latch systems.

Developing Asian & Latin American Economies Grab Interests of Leading Automakers & Car Door Latch Manufacturers

Significant increase in the sales of car door latch is anticipated owing to the growing sales of passenger cars and LMVs, specifically in developing economies of Asia Pacific and Latin America. The APAC region is expected to offer favorable investment opportunities to manufacturers of car door latch systems owing to increasing vehicle production in India and China. Car makers setting up their automotive plants in Latin America owing to increasing car parc, would subsequently favor the sales of car door latch, in the region.

Growing Safety Demands Pushes for Power Locking Systems in Vehicles

Car manufacturers are increasing equipping vehicles, including the entry and mid-segment car with power door-locking systems that is connected to the alarm system of the vehicle. The power locking systems for car doors is becoming paramount versus the manual variants in the older generation vehicles owing to the growing safety concerns of passengers. Moreover, power door locks are being increasingly fitted in trunk and fuel lids, in addition to the four-door control. However, failing power car door lock actuators are expected to create business opportunities for aftermarket suppliers.

An extensive evaluation of the current as well as prospective scenario of the car door latch market in a recent study delivers projections on the overall growth trajectory of the market over the next few years, coupled with exclusive insights on dynamics that are likely to shape the future of car door latch landscape. While the car door latch market is witnessing significant innovation underlining a high safety quotient, click here to know more of it.

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