Hyundai Mobis Joins Hands with Tata Elxsi for Innovation of a Tool for Autonomous Driving

Hyundai Mobis’s subsidiary – Mobis Technical Center of India, announced on October 10 that the company has entered a partnership with Tata Elxsi to create a new synthetic scene generator tool to aid in improved functioning of autonomous driving systems. The two entities are collaborating to create a specialized tool it makes it possible to recreate all kinds of traffic scenarios in the real world that automobiles are likely to come across, i.e., it can run millions of simulations of the same.

The tool can help to boost the current research going on at the Hyundai Mobis Technical Center of India for the use of original equipment manufacturers of autonomous driving systems and products. Tata Elxsi contributes towards the project by bringing in in the companies vast experience in using state-of-the-art technologies such as gaming, artificial intelligence, and extended reality, to conceptualize and design a simulation tool advanced enough to aid in making the theory of driverless vehicles a reality in the near future.

In addition, Tata Elxsi expects to contribute from the point of automotive engineering, and autonomous driving tools to help enhance the digital capabilities in the project, which is expected to be highly valuable for Hyundai Mobis during the period of collaboration. The head of the Tata Elxsi automotive division expressed that the company was strongly supportive of the partnership, in order to achieve the goal of a better future for driverless transport.

Hyundai Mobis widely known as the service and parts division for the Hyundai Motor Company, Genesis Motors and also KIA Motors, which in part make Hyundai Mobis one of the foremost players in the automotive suppliers sector across the globe. Set in Hyderabad, India, the Mobis Technical Center of India is known for the work it has done on mechatronics, vehicle infotainment, and vehicle safety features such as crash resistance and durability.

On the other hand Tata Elxsi of Bangalore, is renowned globally as a top services and technology company that works with global leaders of original equipment manufacturers and suppliers for the transport and automotive industries, for research and development purposes. The company also gives services of product engineering from conceptualization to launch, with expertise in telematics, body electronics, power train coupled with accurate results from analytics and the utilization of artificial intelligence.

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