Huawei and Audi’s Joint Venture to Create an Intelligent Automated Driving Experience

A global leader in providing information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei is constantly focusing on innovations to cater to the customer needs. At the HUAWEI CONNECT 2018, Huawei announced a joint innovation with Audi, the German automobile manufacturer, in the field of intelligent connected vehicles that is expected to create an automated driving experience.

The new Audi Q7 was featured as a demonstration of this cutting-edge technology. Considering the trend of connected cars, the company aims to achieve greater traction with this innovation enabling them to harness the potential of this segment.

Connected vehicles are considered to be the future of automobile industry, owing to the highly integrated technology and automation that takes the driving experience to an all-new level. With high-level connectivity, connected cars are expected to gain major significance in the forthcoming years. Owing to these scenarios and the joint innovation deals like the one between Audi and Huawei are expected to shape the future for automated driving.

The Executive Vice President, Audi China R&D, Saad Metz shared his views of the German automobile manufacturer’s plan. He said that that they evaluate a joint development of highly automated driving functionalities and vehicle-2-infrastructure communications that are future oriented. In many events around the world, Audi has proved to be one of the leaders in technology in the automated drive area. They look forward to intensify the alliance with Huawei in the coming years as they are convince that a closer cooperation between the two companies would bring sustainable benefits for both Huawei and Audi, he added.

Agreeing to his views, William Xu, Chief Strategy Marketing Officer and Director of the Board of Huawei, stated that as cars are getting smarter, they take advantage of their leading information and communication technology with Audi, one of the most successful premium car brands in the world, to lead automatic driving into the fast lane. He further added that consumers would soon enjoy more convenient, comfortable, secure, and intelligent self-driving services.

This has become an achievable goal with the Audi Q7 being integrated with Huawei’s Mobile Data Center (MDC) for urban automatic driving environments. Prototype of the same was showcased during HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 to the public.

This operation begun with the memorandum of understanding being signed by both Huawei and Audi in Berlin for the cooperative development of intelligent connected vehicles. Currently, the collaboration is seen to further progress in the overall strategies between the two companies.

Summary: Audi and Huawei are joining hands to deliver a superior, intelligent automated driving experience

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