California New Car Dealers Association Joins Hands with Reviver Auto

The deal aims to expand the consumer access to the proprietary digital license plates Rplate Pro in the region

Reviver Auto, the designer of the Rplate Pro digital license plates made a declaration on the 11th of Oct 2018 that it has joined hands with the California New Car Dealers Association to increase access to the Rplate Pro easier for new car owners.

California State is the first to completely adopt the digital license plate, which is now approved by the DMV and the CHP. The Rplate Pro license plates provide sleek, high definition, digital displays that are better invisibility and efficiency. The Reviver Auto connected car software platform is soon expected to automate DMV renewals that will replace conventional stickers with digital ones, for increased personalization.

In addition, the California New Car Dealers Association is going to collaborate with Reviver Auto to increase awareness among its members on how the proprietary technology works and about the increased value it can bring to their dealership customers.

In addition, making it possible for automatic renewal of DMV registrations to come about, the Rplate also enables consumers to view telematics of their vehicle and to personalize the look of the plate through variations in the background and the addition of DMV-approved messages. As a real state-of-the-art and one of a kind aftermarket product, the license plate, efficiently brings together the different vehicle styles and consumer preferences.

Reviver Auto aims to bring new and highly impactful marketing, and completely unique connectivity ability to the auto industry through greater disruptive technology. With its proprietary digital license plate, the company has fully changed the conventional stamped metal license plate into an interconnected car platform that has digitally automated the relatively costly and frustratingly long, and tedious DMV renewal process.

The Rplate Pro also gives consumers the full functionality of telematics and brings a completely new level of personalization. On the other hand, the California New Car Dealers Association is the USA’s largest state association for franchised dealers of new cars and trucks, which represents nearly 1,200 member dealers. Last year, California’s newly franchised car dealers were able to sell more than 2.8 million new and old vehicles.

Summary: With over a thousand new car dealers in the California region, both the California New Car Dealers Association and Reviver Auto look to capitalize on the digital license plate market.

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