Austria’s Borealis and UK’s Bockatech Collaborate to Create a Sustainable Packaging Solution

With the increasing emphasis on single use, sustainable and recyclable packaging materials for food, Borealis, the leading market player for innovative base chemical, polyolefins, and fertilizers solutions, has declared to entering a partnership with a UK green technology research and development start up, Bockatech, to utilized its patented EcoCore technology to conceptualize and design a sustainable packaging technology through a new and innovative plastic molding process.

This new technology and its resultant material are anticipated to boost the development of high performance, recyclable, reusable and affordable packaging made from a foam injection molding process. Bockatech aims to broaden its platform through this partnership to gain more liscensing contracts with numerous manufacturing players for a number of different applications.

The EcoCore technology when mixed with  two of Borealis proprietary PP grade materials result in two improved packaging. The first being BH381MO, which is characterized by high stiffness and enhanced impact strength, which provide a much greater potential to achieve thinner wall thickness without compromising on material strength. The material also shows good demolding and mechanical characteristics along with superior dimensional consistency, which offers numerous color and textural variety.

The second material WB140HMS, has a wide density range and a wide spectrum of characteristics, such as enhanced extension the melt phase, higher stability with conventional PP, and reduced incidences of coalescing and collapse which allows the creation of low density, closed cell foams, with greater reduction in weight, and massive expansion in volume during production.

Molded foamed products made from either materials need less raw material, energy and have a significantly lower impact on the environment. In addition, initial investment costs are also relatively very low, which gives it greater market potential for the foreseeable future. Packaging made from this product is fully recyclable, very light weight, provides superlative insulation, strength, and a smooth printing conducive surface, which makes it ideal to create food packaging such as trays, pots, tubs, and cups.

The primary aim aside from the business aspect for Borealis and Bockatech is to create strong ecosystem that supports circulation in packaging materials, for a reducing harm to the environment and building a sustainable future through recyclable and reusable polyolefin based products. The collaboration has a primary objective to design products for a wide spectrum of applications that not only support business profitability, but also are beneficial for the consumers and the world.

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