Department of Justice Probe on Tech Companies

A California top lawyer is asking the Justice Department to invite both Republican and Democratic attorneys in an upcoming forum. This is after allegations of biasness in conservative views on the social media. The department officials explained that Jeff Sessions, the U.S Attorney General has plans to talk to state attorneys about the social media. He aims at discussing with the attorneys if the platforms are of good or harm. The United States president, Donald Trump has accused the technological platforms of shifting focus on the less important issues. This companies have however disputed the allegation and the presented evidence is quite unreliable. Big technological companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google are meeting as sign of strict government policies.

Xavier Baccera, a California Attorney General has not received an invitation to the meeting scheduled for Sept 25. It is quite unfortunate due to the fact that he represents the Silicon Valley at his state home. He however highlighted his invitation absence through a letter to the DOJ. If the proposal goes through, technological departments in social media like California, the tech leader and home to a $385 billion industry will be invited. No official invitation has so far been sent by the agency and federal personnel are on early stages of organizing the meeting. This was said by a Justice Department in a meeting recently. It was however discussed prior to the meeting by some attorneys. Ken Paxon the Texas Republican is by know the only attorney who confirmed his attendance for the meeting.

The consumer protection law is extremely wide and allows the protection of consumers. Some state Attorneys are investigating the technological companies by now. Issue such as private data and politics eliminate persons from use of advertisements on the basis of religion and race. Some state attorneys focus on violations of law or rules behind it. The judicial department has however kept silent on the matter and this may harm the tech companies and general industry. It will be of use if the tech company sets standards on privacy, transparency and security and shun away any political motive in the institutions. It is however quite difficult to segregate the two.
Trump recently claimed that Google rigged some search results to cover some claimed bad stories about him. This led to a decrease in the Twitter followers and social media companies at large in the United States and other countries.

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