British Airways Has Pledged to Compensate Consumers after the Airline Experienced a Data Glitch.

The British Airways chief executive has pledged to compensate their customers who had fallen victims of the data that was stolen in what the firm described as a sophisticated glitch of the firm’s security systems. Alex Cruz took it public to extend the apology on Friday afternoon. He revealed that about 380, 000 payment cards were compromised after an attack of data from the British Airways website and application happened in a two weeks period. Cruz started by expressing his apology. He noted that he was extremely sorry for the breach. He showed this apology while he was being interviewed by BBC radio. He continued to say that the firm will work with all the customers that were affected and that the company will do everything possible to offer compensation for any financial hardship that was suffered.

Shares of the co-owner of the British Airways, IAG, sunk nearly 3% as of Friday morning as the firm’s investors weighed the effect of the cyber-hack on the ticket sales. The data breach transpired at around 10.58 PM on 21st August and 9:45 September 5th. The British airline noted that personal and financial information of the clients making reservations had been remunerated. Alex Cruz noted that the cyber-hack had not been a glitch of encryption but was an urbane effort by cyber-hackers. Alex said that he was not going to dive deep into details of how the hacking transpired because the law enforcement was still investigating. The cyber theft is recorded as one of the most severe in the history of the British Airline. It was a big blow to the United Kingdom. The hack almost damaged the firm’s reputation. However, Alex Cruz came in and promised compensation to all its customers for any suffering they experienced.

It was reported that the UK Airline experienced an Information Technology disaster earlier last year when the firm suffered a power surge in their control center near Heathrow. This led to a global flight interruption, which left tens of thousands of passengers stranded in various airports with their flights canceled. Passengers in London are the ones that felt the pinch. Alex Cruz said that the firm was fully operating and was planning to expand their services, i.e., customer care. He assured their customers that they would soon get through the challenge. Alex noted that British Airlines had several partners that were committed to monitoring the website around the globe.

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